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HQ Quest Maker

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Re: HQ Quest Maker

Postby av0hazaar » Monday March 25th, 2019 8:19pm

I apologize in advance for what may have already been answered, as I am new to this. I recently found this post and wanted to give it a try.

After downloading the HQ Quest Maker size and trying to run the application. I received an error message stating I needed a .NET Framework.

My question is this, do I need a specific version of the .NET Framework or would this program run fine on the newest version.

Again my apologies for asking this but I am new to a lot of this stuff and trying to learn. I appreciate any help or direction. Thanks
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Re: HQ Quest Maker

Postby lestodante » Tuesday March 26th, 2019 7:03pm

I didn't have any problem with the Framework, it didn't ask me anything.
The real problem is that I can create my page but I don't see any export button.
EDIT: I've realized now that when you hit the SAVE button it automatically creates 2 files, one is a .ini wich is the text of the notes and the second one is the PNG.
Anyway, is there any chance that I could make my own stats image and import it into the program?

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