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The Beard

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Re: The Beard

Postby Daedalus » Thursday February 9th, 2017 3:43pm

Sotiris wrote:Rumseeker is dead... :cry:

I'll choose a new hero for the next quest then.

            :skeleton: o :skeleton: o :skeleton: ooo..o.o :skeleton: o :skeleton: o :skeleton: oooo :skeleton: o :skeleton: o :skeleton:
            :skeleton: oooooo. :skeleton: ooooo....o :skeleton: ooooo...o :skeleton: oooooo. :skeleton:
            :skeleton: o :skeleton: o :skeleton: oooooooooo :skeleton: oooooo.o :skeleton: o :skeleton: o :skeleton:
            :skeleton: ooooo :skeleton: ooo...ooooo :skeleton: oooooo.o :skeleton:
            :skeleton: ooooooo :skeleton: oooo :skeleton: o :skeleton: o :skeleton:ooo.o :skeleton:

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