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Companion App Experience courtesy of the Gold Diggers

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Postby HispaZargon » Thursday March 17th, 2022 2:27pm

Bareheaded Warrior wrote:Yes thank you. Original post is the one that you identified. I think there was a reply or two from Kurgan also.

My preferred title would be "Companion App Experience courtesy of the Gold Diggers" if that fits!

Done, here you have them moved. ;)

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Make a small donation to Ye Olde Inn!

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Re: Companion App Experience courtesy of the Gold Diggers

Postby Bareheaded Warrior » Monday April 11th, 2022 11:50am

What a game!

(Run using my house rules, available in signature below, but using the Companion App)

That quest certainly resolved the issue of excess potions that my party were suffering with. I decided to try out the new BP values that I suggested elsewhere on this forum (not my suggestion originally – Gold Bearer’s I think)
• Goblin / Skeleton 1BP
• Orc / Zombie 2BP
• Troll / Mummy / Dread Slayer 3BP
• Gargoyle 4BP

The Quest started as usual with everyone plodding along happily, except the handful of Skeletons cut down in passing (well I presume they weren’t happy although to be fair they were grinning), and the Gilius / Tyris pair had gone down South (towards the bottom of the board) leaving Axel and Blaze to push on East when trouble hit in the form of waves (well four but it felt like waves) of attackers in the form of Stone Dread Warriors. In my rules the Dread Warriors have 5 defend dice to reflect their full armour so Stone ones by extension have 6 Defend Dice!

Axel had to hold his ground and allow the Stone Warriors to advance and attack, as moving towards either of them would have left Blaze exposed. The first attacked and caused a single Body Point loss to the Barbarian (dropping him down to four BP as he had already been wounded previously) and in response was cut down in a single hit by the mighty Barbarian, the second Stone Warrior however proved more resilient, its first blow dropping the Barbarian’s BP down to 2, causing Blaze to have to use his healing spell to restore Axel. The reinvigorated Barbarian managed to wound the Stone Warrior with 2BP lost, but the counterattack cost him 2BP of his own. The Wizard threw a fireball, but this failed to even char the stone beast. Axel swung again but this time failed to dent the armour and the response cost him another BP but against the odds Blaze the Wizard used his staff to diagonally attack the Stone Warrior and to everyone’s surprise including his own managed to inflict the final BP loss (it rolled 6 skulls in defence!), destroying the Stone Warrior.

Blaze having not yet moved on his turn, positively strutted around the bottom corner, only to reveal a third Stone Warrior and Blaze only had enough movement to step back one square around the corner in retreat, leaving the Stone Warrior exactly the right number of squares away to use his full movement to end in the square adjacent to the Wizard and attack.

Even with Blaze’s extra DD from his Wizard’s Cloak and Rock Skin spell, he lost 3BP leaving him with just 2 BP remaining and for the first time it looked possible that our brave/foolish Wizard may die. With no other option he cast the Genie spell and managed to roll 3 skulls, the Stone Warrior's defence failed to produce a single Black Shield and it perished.

The Barbarian decided to lead the way from this point onwards, with little resistance from the now-cowed Blaze, donating his healing potion in passing to the Wizard who chugged it straight down restoring his shaking nerves.

Gilius, the Dwarf’s greed had got the best of him, and he had been turned into stone for the next five turns after drinking the purple potion (to be fair it could have been a potion that turned everything he touched into gold), so Tyris the Elf had kindly abandoned him and was moving swiftly towards the rest of our Heroes as much needed back-up.

The Barbarian rounded the next corner revealing the final Stone Warrior and braced himself for its powerful attack as Blaze snuggled in safely behind his meat shield.

The Elf continued to rush to the aid of our beleaguered Heroes (thinking that perhaps this splitting the party tactic that they had gotten used to over the past few quests may need reconsidering) …

The final Stone Warrior hit the Barbarian, dropping him by a single BP and his response reduced the Warrior to 2 BPs. The Wizard, pulling out all the stops, used his Wrath spell which failed to kill the Stone Warrior but did reduce it to a single BP. The Stone Warrior responded by causing the Barbarian 2 more lost Body Points, but the Barbarian on his turn managed to finish it off, just in time for the Elf to round the top corner behind the Stone Warrior, crossbow poised and at the ready but one turn too late.

With the Dwarf now released and starting the long trudge (particularly on such short legs) back to the rest of the Heroes they in turn decided to use the Elf's healing spell to restore the Barbarian to full strength and to plunge onwards, death or glory!

On opening the door and spotting the Gargoyle they suspected the odds had fallen more towards Death than Glory and tactically opted to block the doorway with a Barbarian sandwich with the Elf and Wizard at each shoulder, spear, and staff ready to poke aggressively. The Barbarian swigged the potion of Strength donated by the Elf and gratefully received the Courage spell cast on him by the Wizard now rapidly running out of spells.

The Gargoyle’s initial attack with five attack dice caused the Barbarian a loss of a further 2 body points, but it could have been worse and the Barbarian’s mighty 7 Attack Dice attack (3 attack dice from his broadsword, plus 1 for his berserk ability plus 1 from the Courage spell and 2 more from the Potion of Strength) ripped the Gargoyle down to its last body point, providing the Elf with the perfect opportunity to skewer it with his spear, causing the last single Body Point of damage needed (one skull against 6 defend dice but it worked).

As the party, bloodstained and battered, took on the penultimate room to the right, the Dwarf finally arrived and made the point of charging into what turned out to be the final room polishing off Wardoz with a single blow (not sure that quite made up for his absence)

Quest over, rewards doled out, it was time for some much-needed retail therapy.

Tyris sold his trusted Spear back to the armoury (perhaps the gargoyle gore it was decorated with should have got him a better price) for the standard 100 gold and used this with his reward money and his savings from previous quests to buy an elegant longsword.

Gilius finally managed to scrape enough Gold together to purchase his long-desired battle-axe and swapped his now redundant shortsword with Tyris for 34 gold coins (all Tyris had remaining) and a Berserker Brew (this replaced the old Heroic Brew) that he found at the end of the dungeon.

Axel (due to the Berserker ability rule changes before the Quest that reduced the Barbarian’s starting weapon from Broadsword to Shortsword I had put a negative -100 gold on his wealth, so the reward paid that back) so he retained a miserly 30 gold coins but decided to keep Borin’s Amulet and not pass it onto the Wizard as we had originally proposed. This will give him an extra starting BP from now on (seriously the Wizard has plenty of shiny things already and has maybe now learnt his lesson to stay behind the tough guys!)

Blaze continued to save up towards either Tempest or Swift Wind (and sulk because of the Amulet) although I’m sure the slaying of a Stone Warrior may have passed his lips in the tavern at some point on more than one occasion…
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