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Champions of Wissenland

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Champions of Wissenland

Postby The Admiral » Sunday September 22nd, 2019 7:29am

I have just finished solo playtesting this questpack with my Heroes for the November HQ session with my brother. This is my adaption of the Champion of the Empire questpack by Ghan. It is quite different in that it follows a more traditional storyline with no light and dark paths. The 'Dark Heroes' will be a seperate group based on the characters that appear in Ghan's quests: Augustus Trell (Necromancer), Svalbard the Slayer (Barbarian), Black Mask (Dark Elf Assassin) and Korohm the Roaring (Dwarf Berserker).

The three screenshots below show my final encounter with Augustus Trell (Black Mask is lurking as always, ready to transit through the wall with his Ethereal Cloak), the good guys and the bad guys.

Good guys are as follows:
1st rank = Heroes: Balash (Wizard), Gwendoline (Princess), Alvin Stardust (Wood Elf) and a Dwarf to be encountered in quest one as Darmian II died at the end of the last quest for this group (Mound of the Beastmen).
2nd rank = Count Galinicus and his Guards.
3rd rank = Companions (2 Scholars, 2 Bodyguards, 5 Militia)
4th rank = Assorted Palace courtiers and townsfolk.

Bad Guys are as follows:
1st rank = R to L, Hector Galinicus, Augustus, Svalbard, Black Mask, Korohm, and Carsten Trell.
2nd rank = House Trell Knights and Guards.
3rd rank = Wraiths and Cursed Wraiths (centre).
4th rank = Zombie Liche, Death Reapers and Elite Skeletons.
5th rank = Ghorghuk, his personal guards and an Ogre.
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