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Polar Warbear double attack

Discuss Quests, Cards, Monsters etc, from the Barbarian Quest Pack: The Frozen Horror.

Re: Polar Warbear double attack

Postby cynthialee » Sunday June 14th, 2015 5:38pm

The Admiral wrote:
knightkrawler wrote:
mitchiemasha wrote:
The Admiral wrote:When we played frozen Horror we Houseruled that the PWB could either make one 8 dice attack or two 4 dice attacks on separate targets.

That's how i'd interpret the rule.

Because you consider the PWB rule to overrule the game system's instruction manual?

in my humble opinion a special rule/ability overides the general rules.

I agree with this statement.

However I think perhaps there is every excuse for the individual players to tailor and make house rules.

I have never played this scenario out other than in my head a number of times. I must admit it is not a pleasant situation...
I do think perhaps there is a house rule to be made here...
Do not allow a Hero to roll their base defend dice but any armor, protection devises and shield dice could be rolled. So the Barbie has 2 base defend and say he has 2 extra dice worth of armor on one could say he could roll 2 dice instead of 4. Basically when facing a second attack from the same beast on the same round you loose your defend dice base from the defend roll.
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Re: Polar Warbear double attack

Postby Daedalus » Thursday October 8th, 2015 7:29pm

knightkrawler wrote:Wait a minute. Before your excerpt, on page 22:

    The monster makes an attack roll, blablablubb
    and then
    'If hit, the Hero immediately
    defends by rolling his Defend Dice.

It even is italized as if Baker had something specific in mind.
So, in the case of two attacks are against the same hero, he gets to defend twice, both times following this above instruction and if the second attack results in a skull or more.
Keep in mind that defend is not an action but rather a reaction to each and every attack as this sentence clearly shows.

What I was on about was how Baker's rules could adapt to the BQP's one defense rule through conservation of extra white shields for a second attack. That perspective was meant to fit the original post about summing the Warbear's attacks within that expansion.

Now, if one chooses to not apply the BQP's one-defense rule in in favor of multiple defenses outside of that expansion, rock on! I'm inclined to agree with your interpretation and extension beyond single attack, single Body Point monsters of the original design. That Warbear was way overpowered and serves to illustrate the wisdom of using multiple defenses--for both Heroes and monsters. I only imagine that they put in the one-defense rule to keep a Warbear from resembling a pair of Chaos Warriors.

My favorite answer to the Warbear was put out by Count Mohawk. A Polar Warbear can still attack two opponents with 4 AD each (good-bye, Mercs), but it attacks a single opponent with 6 AD (hello, hurt). That plays more sensibly and fast.

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Re: Polar Warbear double attack

Postby EvilWizardCharacter » Thursday October 8th, 2015 8:54pm

When my group played through "The Frozen Horror" a few months back, we treated the Polar Warbear's attacks as absolutely unique per the rules on the card. The targeted Hero had to decide whether to defend the first rolled attack--via the Warbear's menacing club--or take that damage in preparation for an almost instantaneous second attack--via the Warbear's powerful paw. I think the mechanic is tremendous, making for some very stressful moments for the Heroes, especially leveled Heroes who are used to defending with five or six dice.

I am using the two-attack mechanic for a few of the lesser monsters--spiders both--in my original HeroQuest expansion, "The Labyrinths of Muroidea." Check it out @ evilwizardcharacter.wordpress.com

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Re: Polar Warbear double attack

Postby Goblin-King » Friday October 9th, 2015 3:04am


Edit: This was a reply to "in my humble opinion a special rule/ability overides the general rules." - a couple of posts made it in between making my statement seem random.

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Polar Warbear
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