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PostPosted: Wednesday April 25th, 2018 2:17pm
by millencake
Hey all, I am a longtime fan of this game (from childhood) and recently became obsessed with playing it again and finally completing all of quests (and I mean all of them - not just the base system). I have just recently finished up my collection and I now have every single official quest and expansion released (including the extra quests that came with the UK released HeroQuest Advanced Quest version.) I am looking for any number of people to meet regularly (once a month, give or take a few weeks) in the Chicago area to play through the entire game and all expansion. I would likely be Zargon.

Let me know if interested!

Re: Chicago!

PostPosted: Friday April 27th, 2018 4:09pm
by timlillig
I've been wanting to put together a Chicago group also. I recently finished painting all the minis and furniture in my sets.

Re: Chicago!

PostPosted: Monday May 28th, 2018 7:41pm
by Daedalus
Wow, playing all of the expansions would be great! Be sure to read up on the topics about them at Board index ‹ HeroQuest Rooms ‹ Official HeroQuest Releases. There's some good advice there about how to avoid the pitfalls of certain Quests.

I used to call the Chi-town area home, but now I only occasionally get back for a visit. Still, if I ever move my family back I'll check this thread. Hopefully you'll have already completed a play-through and posted in the Saturday Night DUNGEON! room. Good luck!