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Is everyone on Ye Olde Inn a HQ25 hater? Dungeon Saga too?

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Will you be picking up HQ25 or Dungeon Saga?

I crowdfunded HQ25 and Dungeon Saga
I crowdfunded HQ25
I crowdfunded Dungeon Saga
I hate HQ25 and Dungeon Saga (Long live the original Heroquest!)
I hate HQ25
I hate Dungeon Saga
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I will be picking up HQ25 or Dungeon Saga if either gets a favorable review
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Re: Is everyone on Ye Olde Inn a HQ25 hater? Dungeon Saga t

Postby ced1106 » Thursday January 11th, 2018 6:21pm

Since there's a semi-recent thread referencing this one, I figured I'd post the latest and perhaps last nail for US backers for HQ25. The Spanish Lazanos crowdfunding site says HQ25 will pretty much not be delivered ("with near all likelihood ... they will never send the rewards they promised") and is providing some legal info for Spanish backers to take action against GameZone. This quote is translated from Spanish, was only, as far as I know, sent to Spanish backers, and is only with regards to Spanish laws. American backers are on their own. More info on BGG: https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/151727 ... ms/page/12

Where there's smoke, there's fire -- though possible burning somewhere else. The internets have a bad habit of focusing narrowly on only one part of something, when the reality is that the *underlying cause* of the discussion is more important than any future prognostication. So, with GZ's case, IP, other than Moon Design's letter, never became an issue, but was a reflection of the project management of Dinonysius, which would eventually sink the project.

As you know, Dionisio and Gamezone have not communicated with us or with the media and of course not with you. After a little research we can tell you almost in all probability that they never sent the rewards that were bought.

During these months we have sent the patrons who so requested the proof of their payment through our platform, not the invoice, since it is a document that the authors of the project have to send, but there is such proof.

However, we want to offer you different proposal:
A) Individual complaint: To do this, Lanzanos will provide you with the necessary tools and writings to carry it out, so that it is easier for them to lodge their complaint, so any patron with these documents can make a report, and since they are smaller amounts of $ 900 does not need a lawyer or attorney facilitating everything enormously.

B) Create an affected association of HQ25: Report in group. Lanzanos registers in the AGPD (Spanish Agency for Protection of DTAOS) a file in which they can fill in their data so that we are the ones who are responsible for making the payments and the lawyers for the process. From the URL (to be specified) you will be able to register your name, surnames, DNI and login that you have in Lanzanos so that we can make the payment certificates and other paperwork so that it is easier for them. Once we have the number of participants we will open a forum, some votes, to act maximum in the next 14 days.

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Re: Is everyone on Ye Olde Inn a HQ25 hater? Dungeon Saga t

Postby Sjeng » Friday January 12th, 2018 10:21am

I feel sad for all the suckers backers who blindly fell for GZ's scam.

And I almost had to swallow my words, as this website http://www.heroquestclassic.com/en/ shows some good progress. Buckets full of minis, boards, GM screens and even boxes.
I thought "hey, they actually ARE making it?" but it looks like it has ground to a halt and will never be finished, let alone shipped. Maybe some Spaniards will get some incomplete stuff, but that's it, if even that.

I hope GZ burns in hell.

So, should we start a HQ30th anniversary project? :P Perhaps better to start on a HQ50th, to have a realistic time frame.

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Re: Is everyone on Ye Olde Inn a HQ25 hater? Dungeon Saga t

Postby knightkrawler » Friday January 12th, 2018 10:34am

They have sold individual minis from the game for weeks.
From their website. To non-backers of the game.
To get some financing and further rip off backers.
Don't say I didn't, I told you so.
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