What order should the quest packs be played?

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Re: What order should the quest packs be played?

Postby aaronAGN » Saturday July 1st, 2017 1:11am

Phoenix wrote:"The Maze"
"Plague of Zombies"
"Inn of Chaos"
"A Growl of Thunder"
"Running the Gauntlet"
"Revenge of the Weather-Man"
Dark Company
"The Halls of Durrag-Dol"
"The Eyes of Chaos"

There's a LOT of quests I've never even heard of.
What are these, and where/how do I find them?

Never mind. I just saw the section on the main forum page.
Can't believe I missed that.

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Re: What order should the quest packs be played?

Postby kyrrahn » Monday November 13th, 2017 12:21am

This is an excellent thread... Don't recognise a lot of the quests people are mentioning but I'm sure I can find them on the website.
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