Eyrie of the Storm Master (revision for HQ-HEROES&VILLAINS)

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Eyrie of the Storm Master (revision for HQ-HEROES&VILLAINS)

Postby knightkrawler » Wednesday August 23rd, 2017 3:58am

This is my revision of "Eyrie of the Storm Master" for HQ - Heroes & Villains.
It is intended to be a stand-alone difficult quest to be sprinkled where the heroes are quite powerful.
Didn't change much mechanically, but the big kahoona is now a Beastman Elementalist Shaman.

Statwise, for those who are not familiar with HQHV, Mongrels are your typical Warhammer Gors (Beastmen)
with the stats of the HQ Orcs.
Because the minis I chose for my Orcs ( Rackham Confrontation) are so bulky and big, they take the stats of the HQ Fimir.
And as available Fimir replacement figures are of different sizes, they will receive their own stats and expansion once I have figures for them.

But I digress...
Enjoy, feedback welcome as always.
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HQ - Heroes & Villains (Dropbox-download link) https://www.dropbox.com/sh/jgj0kzsys9w38oh/AAA_VEHx6vMv4HKRX7IiOWTFa?dl=0
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