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Invisibility poll

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Wizard casts Invisibility on Barbarian. May the Orc move and attack Dwarf? (check photo below)

- Barbarian's figure is removed from the board, the Orc may move and attack Dwarf.
No votes
- The invisible Barbarian still blocks the way, the Orc may not move outside the room.
- None of the above.
Total votes : 25

Re: Invisibility poll

Postby Daedalus » Thursday October 8th, 2015 6:57pm

In light of my referencing the original spell card rather than the one from the poll, I changed my vote to 2. However, I'll add the stipulation that line of sight is currently blocked from the Wizard to the Barbarian. The spell must have been cast before either the Dwarf or Barbarian had moved so that the Barbarian was originally visible. I'm a rules lawyer, after all.

I think of the rules of the Invisibity spell functioning like Susan Storm using her force field power while also invisible. (She can do that, can't she?) The invisible Hero can't attack or be attacked like within a forcefield, but as a fluffy side-effect he isn't visible. The force field also prevents targeting a figure obstructed by the invisible Hero--a figure isn't considered visible for targeting if it is obstructed by another figure, regardless of the obstructing figure's own visiblity. Another way of thinking about it is an obstructing figure prevents line of effect, just like Susan Storm would protect others within her forcefield. That bubble isn't any less effective at protecting others within it just because you can't see Sue.

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