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Re: Poison?

Postby Daedalus » Monday April 10th, 2017 6:38pm

mitchiemasha wrote:Damage is damage, no separate tracking for different types. However, Venom/Poison damage can be restored by Venom Antidote KK Kellars Keep alchemist shop, American edition, not UK edition. I wouldn't say them adding an entire potion was a mistake.

We did play it as poison damage could only be healed by the antidote but if we look at how it's worded, that would be wrong. The restriction is the other way round. The Antidote potion is simply a cheaper healing potion that can only be used on damage from poison, at 300g for 2Bp. The only other buyable potion at this point is 500g for 1bp & 1MP....

It is notable that Venom Antidote and an Anti-poison Quill purposely work with separate advantages and limitations. Venom Antidote restores 2 Body Points for certain poisonings (limit) for any Hero, as the potion can be used by the owner or given to another for use on their later turn (advantage.) An Anti-poison Quill restores all damage of any Body Point poison (advantage), but it can only be used immediately by the owner (limit.) It then follows that further adding a "if used immediately" limit to Venom Antidote should cheapen the price to 200 or 250 gold coins if anyone goes that route.

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Re: Poison?

Postby Bareheaded Warrior » Friday April 14th, 2017 5:38pm

My house rules cover poisons but having read this thread it looks like I just reinvented the wheel!

13. Poison

13.1 If you lose one or more BPs from a poisonous attack then your starting BP level is reduced by one for the duration of the Quest (it returns to its original level naturally in time for the next Quest).

13.2 An application of Neriam Root Solution will restore 1 BP of your starting level but only restores your starting level not the lost BP.

13.3 If poison reduces your starting BP to zero then you are classed as Dying but would need to have the poison treated first before applying a healing potion
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