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The Great Citadel

Discuss Quests, Cards, Monsters etc from the Kellar's Keep Quest Pack.

Re: The Great Citadel

Postby wallydubbs » Thursday November 1st, 2018 1:19pm

So, yeah, I played this with my crew. Barbarian kept rolling nothing over 4 on movement for his fist 5 turns while the Elf and Wizard went off to find the 3rd part of Grin's stone map while the Dwarf had surpringly bad rolls against the goblins with the torture rack.
By the time the Barbarian made it to hall on the western end of the board the Elf and Wizard were finished in their rooms. Wizard rubs down to Barbarian while the Elf runs Northwest, attempting to sandwich the goblins and Fimir in the hall. Wizard casts Pass Through Rock on Dwarf who walks through the torture rack room into the room adjacent to the monsters in the hall. Inevitably we have Barbarian with Courage from the South, Dwarf with a battle axe from the side door and the Elf from the North clear out that hall.
So now that the hall is done, Barbarian rolls a 3... doesn't go very far and the Dwarf gets an 11, taking him all the way up to Gragor's room and then some, attacks Gragor with 4 skulls before he even has a chance to cast a spell and Gragor only gets 1 sheild... he's dead before he even gets a turn. Although the Choas warriors did bring the Dwarf down to 2 BP I was still quite upset about that.
They did have a hard time in the Northern passage, though.
But when they finally opened the door marked A and Barbarian cleared the room, the Wizard had preemptively cast Treasure Hoard on himself and ended up drawing a FireBurst trap, which killed him and the Barbarian... or would have if the Elf didn't have a Flashback spell.
It was so fun!

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