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The Spiral Passage

Discuss Quests, Cards, Monsters etc from the Kellar's Keep Quest Pack.

Re: The Spiral Passage

Postby Jalapenotrellis » Monday November 25th, 2019 12:14am

One more thing about this quest:
I ran out of the 2-square blocked wall tiles and had to use the singles for the two inner two-square blocked square tiles. To my knowledge, the Game System has 2 of these and the KK expansion doesn't have any additional 2-square ones. Made me think I lost something during the quest today.

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Re: The Spiral Passage

Postby wallydubbs » Monday November 25th, 2019 7:52am

Hmmm... seems you're right, this quest pack doesn't come with any additional Double Wall Block tiles...
I must've noticed this before because a while back when I ordered spare parts on EBay I made sure to get extra Double Blocks... that or I bought them because the EQP is supposed to come with some...
Good catch.

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